Hồ Tràm Grand

Cung cấp TBVS Kohler
Ho Tram Strip’s first luxury integrated resort is drenched in tropical sunshine and bordered by the untouched beaches fringing the East Sea. Combining elegant and gracious service with entertainment that pushes the limits, The Grand Ho Tram Strip is the perfect mix of exciting day life and exhilarating nightlife. All rooms feature plush, comfortable beds, double marble vanities and floor to ceiling windows that open to Juliet balconies, allowing guests to open up their rooms to the natural outdoor surroundings.

The Grand Ho Tram Strip is a development in association with Asian Coast Development Limited (ACDL). ACDL, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Ho Tram Project Company Limited, is the developer of the Ho Tram Strip, a group of integrated resorts to be located on more than 400 acres of land and more than two kilometers of pristine beach in Ho Tram. The Ho Tram Strip will ultimately comprise of a 1,100 room integrated resort.

The resort and casino has won the 2015 Luxury Travel Guide Award for luxury hotel and spa of the year in Việt Nam and the Business Destinations Travel Award for best luxury hotel in Việt Nam.

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